Brief Introduction

We have been operating since 25th September 2011 providing Architectural and Structural services for all type of projects according to VASTU. BR Groups Architects & Engineers treats each project as a new design approach that requires a fresh perspective and an open mind. Our objective is to identify the project parameters, site context, landscape, services, budget and regulations and provide the best possible solution to customers. We work with our clients to explore and define their requirements. Our Inspiration is drawn from a wide variety of sources including research into our client’s interest, review of exceptional examples of the proposed building type and response to climate, site context and landscape. We fuse creative experimentation with technical knowledge to come up with innovative and practical solutions.




Landscape & Layout

Interior designing & 3D Modeling

Our Services

Preparation of Schematic Master Plans

Interior Design & 3D modellings

Structural Detail Drawings

Layout Planning

Renovation of old Buildings

Project Management

Preparation of Urban Development Schemes

Preparation of Feasibility Studies

Preliminary Designs

Detailed Working Drawings

Supervision of Construction

Control of Materials Testing

Technical Specifications

Bills of Quantities

Conditions of Contracts

Analysis of Tenders

Construction Management

Plant Utilization and Cost Control